What is Embedded Finance? B2B Fintech Solutions

What is Embedded Finance? B2B Fintech Solutions

Google Pay, Apple Pay and Venmo are other examples of embedded payment applications where users can store financial information and conduct transactions in one place. Embedded finance speeds up the processing of financial decisions for companies, Chang said. Businesses also learn more about their customer’s spending habits and receive payments quicker than traditional invoicing. With it, all you need to worry about is focusing on your customers, your business development, and the products that you’re bringing to market.

What is Embedded Finance

In addition to these traditional financial products, novel use cases are emerging. For example, embedded-finance distributors are offering prepaid cards to employees as part of earned-wage access programs; giving merchants the option to use their deposit accounts for instant-payments settlement. Some are providing just-in-time funded debit cards for gig economy workers to use when making purchases for members of delivery-service platforms. Embedded finance lets companies that aren’t banks or fintechs offer financial services or products within their digital platforms.

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These battle lines and alliances will form without much fanfare or awareness by the general public. People don’t care what’s happening under the surface, they just want a more connected and open financial world. The model is based on McKinsey’s Global Banking Revenue Pools, 2022; McKinsey’s Global Payments Map, 2022; consumer and merchant research surveys; and data from the reports of embedded-finance firms. For example, invoice financing is a popular way for businesses to efficiently leverage their existing accounts to improve cashflow. White-label lending platform Our client is a secure, automated platform that streamlines the merchant cash advance process and enables ISOs and lenders to manage their businesses from one centralized, convenient… Real estate software development company handles complex challenges by creating products and software for a very demanding domain.

Also, increased disease diagnostic modalities, and increasing research on combination therapies will lead to sizable demand in the market. Global Embedded Finance Market Report 2023 is spread across 113 pages and provides exclusive vital statistics, data, information, trends and competitive landscape insights in this niche sector. Service providers are still plugged into different infrastructure, which is slowly changing. Embedded finance is a real game-changer for businesses operating in pretty much any sector you can think of – but what sits behind this latest buzzword, and how can you harness the benefits within your own organisation? While the trajectory of fintech innovation has always been towards an embedded world, how this manifests itself in different markets and sectors remains to be seen.

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“We’re clearly a technology company” said the CEO of Bank of America in Oct 2021. A few years earlier the CEO of Goldman Sachs declared “We are a technology firm. We are a platform” and his counterpart at Citi a few years earlier than that said “We see ourselves as a technology company with a banking license” .

Embedded finance is what ultimately improves operational efficiency and the overall customer experience. Thus, technological, regulatory, and economic changes converge at one point, unexpectedly tightly correlated with the demand from end-users. They, in turn, expect a simplification of the user experience when interacting with financial products and are also less and less of the opinion that financial services should be provided exclusively by banks.

What is Embedded Finance

Additionally, embedded finance solutions are also becoming a way to increase customer engagement and loyalty. By providing embedded payments to customers, companies can increase their revenue, customer sign-up rate, customer loyalty and gain powerful analytics insights. Embedded finance providers can be banks or alternative providers, such as fintechs. Using new technology also means fintechs don’t have to maintain large and complex IT systems so they can usually be relied on for more competitive pricing than incumbent providers of financial services.

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It’s a win-win situation for both businesses and insurance providers. This also means that banks also need to adopt modern technology to be able to provide such a product to businesses of different kinds and scales. Embedded finance is not just limited to ecommerce stores as other businesses, such as Software as a Service providers, are also increasingly adopting embedded finance. It’s also a tool for better understanding consumers and their spending habits and needs. Further, mergers and acquisitions, emerging market trends, the impact of COVID-19, and regional conflicts will all be considered.

  • Due to the extended functionality of the merchant application, drivers can receive payments within a few minutes, as well as get direct access to loans, discounts, and cashback at a gas station.
  • Other examples include lending, payments, wallets, and bank accounts, but without the bank.
  • A system that acts as a gateway between companies, customers and banks.
  • Some companies have embedded the insurance application process into the checkout experience.

Combining with built-in financing options, that can allow businesses to increase their revenue and hit their target goals. By leveraging different embedded financing solutions, businesses can drive more sales regardless of size and niche. This essentially allows customers to buy products they may not be able to pay for at that moment or would simply like more flexibility https://globalcloudteam.com/ with payment. They don’t even have to go to a bank or credit provider, as the very store they are shopping from provides this service. There are different implementations and implications of embedded finance. This is one of the reasons why this concept and technology is taking off, as it offers meaningful solutions to different types of businesses.

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According to Plaid and Accenture’s research report, there are four central ways that embedded finance could alter the way both financial and non-financial companies conduct business. When it comes to anything related to money, businesses need to double down on security. Any business utilising embedded finance will need to ensure they are following stringent security measures as well as complying with data privacy and protection regulations, such as GDPR. The pros of leveraging embedded finance are many, but, at the same time, there are a few challenges as well that businesses and FinTech companies must address. As discussed earlier, this is also the highlight of using payment processing software.

This means that it’s not only financial entities reaping the benefits. Traditionally non-financial brands can make the addition of embedded finance to their offering to increase revenue streams, grow sales and retain more customers in the process. Embedded finance is an integration strategy involving the blending of financial services into non-financial platforms, applications, and digital offerings.

What is Embedded Finance

It also brings all the payments under one system, making things easier for businesses. All the financial services offered by the business, for instance, instalment payments, are handled by the provider. Embedded finance works in different ways depending on the business niche and the kind of financial services they are offering. To understand embedded finance better, let’s take a look at an example. For all its intents and purposes, embedded finance has disrupted some parts of the banking services, as far as the finances of businesses with their customers are concerned.


Embedded finance use has picked up in recent years, and is expected to exponentially rise. It’s estimated that embedded financial services will produce $230B in revenues in 2025—a 10-fold increase over the $22.5B in revenues in 2020. Integrating more complex financial services may be a big undertaking for businesses still stuck in the past with technology.

Examples of embedded finance

Being able to deselect a certain merchant category code is something businesses like GPS have offered since day one, but more and more fintechs are learning how to capitalise on these capabilities. They get to use the financial tools they need in the context of another offering. For the brand, on the other hand, embedding finance at the point of need gives them more relevancy – it helps them drive more customer engagement and loyalty in the long run.

Almost the only opportunity is to quickly enter narrow niches with a built product for them with minimal investment. On the other hand, the explosive growth of FinTech demonstrates the inability of banks to quickly respond to market changes and enter such niches on their own. Embedded finance and banking as a service are arguably some of the most underrated and promising growth points in the mainstream payments industry. This article will talk about embedded finance, how it works, and the future of embedded finances. Branded credit cards predate fintech, as shoppers have been able to get credit cards for their purchases for their favorite brands for quite some time.

The first one is investing in an additional offering into the brand’s digital platform. This can include offering lending services or creating embedded bank accounts for businesses. The second one is to join the embedded finance movement as a connector, a bridge between financial service providers and non-financial businesses. This may resemble a data transfer network, used by businesses willing to offer financial products. The third option is to collaborate with a company that focuses on embedding the financial infrastructure into its product or service and become a part of that ecosystem. Among embedded-finance distributors and their end customers, demand is already maturing for a range of deposit, payment, issuing, and lending products .

It could potentially allow them to double their revenue per customer by two to five times for software companies. For example, Shopify, a B2B e-commerce platform, currently makes over $500 million a year from financial services for its sellers (growing at around 50% per year). The underwriting cost is much lower as Shopify already has vast data about its users.

However, the leverage of embedded finance as blockchain technologies and smart contracts led to the emergence of the GameFi direction. The in-game currency is traded on crypto exchanges, as are in-game items in NFT form. For example, the token capitalization of one of the first Axie Infinity games is currently more than $8 billion.

BNPL is essentially a form of money lending which divides payments up into instalments. It makes purchases more attainable for consumers rather than paying in one lump sum using a traditional card-based method. It is the name of an outsourcing model used in embedded payments, whereby banking services are white-labelled for use by non-banking embedded payment in 2026 companies. Uber is often cited as an example of embedded payments in a consumer scenario. Unlike a traditional taxi journey, no cash or card transaction needs to be instigated by the customer at the end of the journey. At the same time, PSD2 quite clearly divides market participants into account operators and financial service providers.

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